When it’s an ideal opportunity to sell your home, the average realtor will take after a three-stage process: 1) A “For Sale” sign is put in the yard, 2) the listing is set in the MLS, and 3) the realtor hopes for a buyer comes along and purchases your home. It’s a dismal reality in our industry, however circumstances are different. What worked in the past doesn’t generally work now. You have to hire a real estate specialist that will utilize a demonstrated procedure to ensure demonstrated results.

Do you know how to set up your home to offer for as much as possible? Do you know how to drive buyer traffic to your home (and drive up your home’s value)? Do you know how to pull in and catch buyer that may be a fit for your home?
On the off chance that you have been asking yourself, “in what manner will I offer my home in Michigan?” and haven’t thought of the right replies, it’s a great opportunity to call Ethan Dozeman. Ethan Dozeman spends significant time in helping sellers get as much as possible for their homes. Ethan Dozeman has built up a proven procedure for selling homes that has assisted more than 600 families with their real estate needs. The objective is to help you sell your home for as much as possible in the least amount of time, and give you a hassle-free experience during the process.

Ethan Dozeman employs a process to guarantee the best results for both sellers and buyers. These 7 key drivers are fundamental for a fruitful home selling process. When a buyer is found, Ethan uses the right negotiation strategies and techniques to effectively capture and close the deal.

The 7 key drivers of the process:

Investigate: Understanding your needs and doing a comprehensive market analysis
Get ready: Preparing your home for the business sector with the goal that will pull in the most qualified buyers
Market: Maximizing the exposure of your home to drive demand
Attract: Using frameworks to get buyers to write offers on the home
Cooperate: Cooperating with brokers from different firms to drive the most buyers possible
Arrange: Using negotiation strategies to get the most cash for your home
Execute: Execute.

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